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£30 Meat Box

£30 Meat Box

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2 x 500g British lean steak mince

2 packs of 8 home made British sausages

10 rashers local smoked bacon

2 local chicken breasts

4 Homemade British beefburgers.

Dozen local free range eggs


We would recommend cooking the mince and sausages within 48 hrs or else putting it in the freezer upon delivery. Please be aware the mince will naturally darken as it is not gas packed. We recommend eating the chicken within  3 days or freezing it. The bacon is vacuum packed and so will keep unopened for a week. The bacon can also be frozen. Once opened we'd advise eating bacon within 48 hrs. We recommend storing the burgers in the freezer and cooking straight from frozen.  

The eggs will keep happily on the side for a couple of weeks.